31 March 2014

Classic Wedding with Gatsby Twist

We wanted people to get dressed up. We wanted our wedding to be an occasion. I've been seeing the trend of 'vintage casual' and 'shabby chic' but that is the opposite way we wanted to go. If I'm going to dress up in a gown, I want everyone along with me.

We went for a classic wedding with Gatsby Flair. I just wanted to share some of the amazing outcomes of this theme. For the inspiration, read my post 'Sparkle, Sequins & Champagne: A 20s Inspiration.'

Groomsmen, dads, and Alex sported the classic Gatsby style spats. Groomsman gift was art deco cuff links to complete their look of classic black and white.

Using the palette I assigned, my girls picked amazing dresses. Seriously. My maids were smokin' hot and full of glitter and glam.

My flowers turned out fantastic with succulents, dusty miller, pink roses and of course feathers! Local florist made the dream a reality. Of course I had to have gold glitter shoes and I happen to find some reasonably priced (thank you Rampage for making shoes people can afford) perfect height sparklers that were just the thing.

Mom worked so hard on the sequin table runners. We had picked the fabric out together and it was just perfect. It made the whole room sparkle. I couldn't have done it without her efforts - planning a wedding from across the pond is hard work. My sister Jill also helped a lot the week of with last minute crafts. I did get to the point that I said 'no more' - I'm sure every bride does. But in the end we had all the right little touches.

We also had amazing Eiffel tower vases with giormous feathers coming out the top. Mom had ordered a bunch from Moonlight Feather which were the most cost effective feather outlet online, the name is a little cheesy, but they had lots of sales and helpful tutorials on YouTube about making feather centrepieces.

Guests got into the theme too! Everyone was dressed up. Some more than others!! It was amazing to see.

Cocktail our was an afternoon tea theme for our London roots and we had borrowed tons of vintage cups from friends, family, garage sales, and auctions. My Aunt Beth had been bidding on them since the 1st of 2013. Guests had a choice of tea out of vintage cup or champagne and strawberries. We of course had bit-size sandwiches (had to as sandwich shop owners, ha!) and also mini macaroons.

My MOH and dear friend Jamie, owner of Iowa City and North Liberty's Molly's Cupcakes) made the cupcakes and mint/gold wedding cake that was too beautiful to cut and eat (although we did, and it was amazing). She even had special cupcakes for the nieces and nephews and vegan option for those who needed it. Talk about one-stop-shop!

Our swing band Mutiny in the Parlour played Cole Porter's "Let's Do It"  as our first dance and Father/Daughter song was 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'.

Needless to say we are so happy with how it turned out. Of course there were a few little planning things I would change but overall we had an amazing time with lots and lots of love all around. I married the man of my dreams and life is going to be so beautiful.

And of course none of this would be able to be shown without the genius of Rebecca Peplinski Photography. You my girl, are a talent all your own!

05 October 2013


From the dearfriendshop
I've been having so many dreams. Every morning around 5:15 am. Those moments before my alarm officially goes off at 6 am and my head is swimming with situations. What if that person brings their kids? Should I sit two chairs just in case? I still don't have a guest book. I wonder if my hairstylist is alive, I haven't heard from her. Do I have enough contacts? How early should I get my eyebrows threaded? (You know, all the important stuff).

We fly to Iowa on Tuesday. We have our bachelor/bachelorette parties on the weekend of the 12th. Alex in the Poconos and I in my sweet ole' Chicago. The week of the wedding is packed with family arriving, set-up, food, friends and hopefully just a lot of laughing and fun.

We have also officially closed on the new shop as of yesterday (woop!) which means Alex and I are now co-owners of a new larger space with full-size kitchen for our little sandwich shop. As a honeymoon, we will be refurbishing and prepping for an opening on November 4. I see this as sort of a perfect situation. Start our official lives together and a start of a new stage of our business.

I finished our wedding program this week and adding the obligatory 'thank you' that is on every program and I was trying my hardest to say thank you in a way that people can truly tell we mean it. Cheezy as it is, when you sit down and think about all the people coming all the effort that has been put forth into planning, travel, and money to simply participate or attend is humbling. Then I realized that probably everyone has felt the same way when they say thank you on their wedding days. I'm going to be much more forgiving now as I read a wedding program, and probably will make it a point to do so. 
There are a few things I'm looking forward to especially about our wedding. The moment I see Alex down the aisle, walking with my father, both our our families spending time together, old friends re-united, hearing the toasts, my first dance with Alex and admiring the wedding band on his finger. Most importantly, I really look forward to AFTER the wedding. When the draping down, the band is gone. Everyone's returned to their homes. Alex and I's forever starts (gag I know) but we truly love to look past the present and think of all we can do together and that our futures are in fact the same.

I also drempt that I was playing the Uke for a bunch of people really well, so I guess the dreams are also good ones a the moment. Here's to good dreams and wonderful realities!

15 September 2013

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit Ideas

While researching looks for my rehearsal dinner I was overwhelmed by options. I think everyone can agree the rehearsal dinner is like waiting to ride the biggest roller coaster in the park. You feel butterflies, people are excited, laughing, joking, and some are quieter because they are a little scared. Others pretend to be completely relaxed but still know the inevitable euphoria of the ride is about to take place. Everyone also knows that the rehearsal is your inner circle. It's the people that are your immediate family and friends. And of course in the middle of feeling excite and happy, you want to be comfortable, look fabulous, and know that you and your man are the center of attention and the first in line for the ride.

1. White (of course) but with flair

Why not wear white the whole weekend? The rehearsal is the perfect time to wear a pop of color and show a little bit of your own style. I love this girl who did bright blue heels with her white strapless.


2. Theme it out! 

Whatever your theme for the wedding, bring it through the whole weekend. In my case we are doing a Gatsby-glam theme for our wedding so a perfect introduction would be a flapper dress or something with feathers. If you just had a color theme, pick a dress in the colors your maids will be wearing the next day.

Elf Sacks

3. Print-tastic

A perfect time to shout out in a favorite print. The louder the better because all eyes are already on you not because you are the bride (ok a little bit) but because your dress says, 'this is my weekend.'


4. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

What better time to wear an all out jaw-dropping sequin number than the weekend when it's all about you. On your day you may be glamorous, but you can get away with sexy on your rehearsal dinner.

Alice + Olivia


Who can say no? Stop. Light. Red.


So what did I finally pick? Option #1!  My second goal was to keep the entire outfit under $60, and I got it for $51! I loved all the dress options at JcPenny and found the perfect bright blue heel that's not too high. Hurrah!

03 September 2013

Neutral Slightly Nautical Bedroom

Jigsaw Newquay Stripe Duvet
I can't tell you how fun it is to register! We finally get to think about how we want to decorate the house, what each room will look like, and evaluate what we have been needing (which is A LOT!). I have always loved a nautical theme (how this happened I don't know being land-locked in the Midwest most my life!). We came up with a pretty fun neutral nautical theme from John Lewis where we are registered.

It's a bit of an annoyance I'm sure for everyone in the US to do the conversion in their head when they buy in British Pounds but we've told guests there is absolutely no way we can take gifts back to the UK. I'm just scared we will have no room and have to leave gifts behind for mom to return because shipping them over is just too costly. I'm sure a lot of the expats out there have tips on what they did. So, back to the bedroom - we picked mostly blue, stone(grey) and tan for our color palette. Of course couldn't resist the wooden pillar candle that is just too beautiful and would really go well in any room.
Union Jack Cushion
Rustic Antiqued Wooden Pillar Candle Holder
Flying Seagulls Embroidered Cushion

Thomas Kent Cavendish Wall Clock

Another item that we do not have anywhere in the house is a clock! We even use our mobile phones for our alarms in the morning so my goal is to transition us away from having to check our mobiles every time (get it, get it). We loved this beautiful but basic Thomas Kent clock.

Palace Rug
I LOVE carpet. I love it so much and I don't get or understand having an entire house be hard wood floors. To me carpet says "get comfty!" but that is how I grew up, a product of the 80s, now hardwood is back! So to satisfy my love, a good rug is the answer. We found this beautiful one with all the right colors and it has my favorite print of the moment - Alhambra! Gorgeous.

Now, what about the living room?!

22 August 2013

All American Website

I've had a ton of fun making the new website for Pickle & Rye. We knew with the creation of the new website and moving shortly to our new location that we wanted to brand ourselves a little better - something to show who we are better, what we do. Of course with our own little twist and humor.

I've had a crash course since starting my job in Grinnell in 2009 on design. The more I needed for marketing things, the more I had to to teach myself with limited resources. I've gotten a little better at Illustrator and Photoshop this last year. I've even dabbled a bit in html (but that isn't a world I love). But I did want to share our new design. We had a basic template we started from and used our theme of American pantry in all we do. Things are still constantly evolving and changing but we've at least released the website and are going to tweak as we go. 

Now I get to fine-tune my DIY hand in shop renovations which start next week. I've started my list of items needed and things are going to happen quickly! Get ready for progress photos!